10 Best Blogging Courses for Beginners (Free & Paid)

Are you a beginner who wants to start a blog? Are you looking for the best online blogging courses to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will review and rate the top 10 blogging courses available for beginners. Whether you’re interested in free courses or willing to invest in paid ones, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

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1. The Complete SEO Course (Reliablesoft)

Reliablesoft Academy Online Courses

To build a successful blog that generates income, you need traffic, and lots of it. The Complete SEO Course from Reliablesoft is the perfect solution to help you increase your blog’s search engine traffic. This course covers all the important tasks you need to perform as a blogger to optimize your blog for search engines. With 13 comprehensive lessons, you’ll learn everything from keyword research to on-page optimization and link building.

Why enroll in this course? The Complete SEO Course is beginner-friendly and explains everything in simple language. It includes videos, tutorials, and checklists to help you apply the concepts to your own blog. When you register for this course, you also gain access to three additional courses covering eCommerce blogging, keyword research, and Google Analytics. The course is priced at $89 (currently on Sale), making it an excellent investment for traffic generation.

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2. Blogging Masterclass: Build A Successful Blog (SkillShare)

Skillshare Online Courses

Blogging Masterclass offered by SkillShare is an excellent online blogging course for beginners. Taught by experienced blogger Brad Merrill, this course consists of 82 lessons packed with over three hours of video content. Topics covered include naming and branding your blog, using WordPress, content research, writing great headlines, SEO optimization, and generating content ideas.

What sets this course apart is Brad Merrill’s extensive experience in blogging and marketing. With over 20,000 students and a large readership on his tech blog, he shares practical insights on how to start a successful blog. To enroll, you’ll need a SkillShare account and a membership plan, which costs $32 per month or $167.88 annually. New users can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Why enroll in this course? The Blogging Masterclass is beginner-friendly and easy to follow. Brad Merrill condenses his years of experience into a simple formula for starting a successful blog. With SkillShare’s vast library of courses, you can continue your learning journey beyond blogging.

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3. Blogging for a Living (Udemy)

Udemy Online Courses

If you’re looking for a step-by-step blueprint to start and monetize a successful blog, Blogging for a Living on Udemy is the course for you. Taught by Theo McArthur, a blogger with over 20 years of experience, this course covers all the essentials of starting and monetizing a blog. With 13 hours of on-demand videos, 15 articles, and 29 downloadable resources, you’ll learn how to start a blog in any niche, set up web hosting, monetize your blog with digital products, create effective blog posts, and grow your email list.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile or resume. The course is priced at $150, and you’ll have immediate access to the material upon payment. Keep an eye out for Udemy’s frequent promotions to score a discount on the course.

Why enroll in this course? Blogging for a Living provides a comprehensive guide to blogging for beginners. Theo McArthur’s extensive experience and practical guidance will equip you with the necessary knowledge to build a successful blog. The certificate of completion adds value to your professional profile.

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4. Four Pillars of Blogging (Problogger)

Problogger Courses

The Four Pillars of Blogging course offered by Problogger is a compilation of online blogging classes that cover all the essential aspects of blogging. This course is divided into four pillars: Create Content, Find Readers, Build Community, and Make Money. Each pillar includes tutorials, tasks, videos, and other resources to help you master the core areas of blogging.

The Four Pillars of Blogging course is priced at $49 per course or $99 for all four courses when purchased as a bundle. The material is accessible through the ProBlogger Course portal, and you can learn at your own pace. The course is a solid option for beginners looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of blogging.

Why enroll in this course? The Four Pillars of Blogging covers all the essential areas of blogging that you need to master. Darren, the instructor, provides practical guidance on creating a monetization strategy aligned with your blog’s goals. Additionally, as a ProBlogger student, you’ll gain access to additional courses and resources.

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5. Build a Blog in 7 Days (Ryan Robinson)

Ryan Robinson Blogging Course

If you’re looking for an in-depth blogging course taught by a successful blogger, Build a Blog in 7 Days by Ryan Robinson is an excellent choice. Ryan has grown his personal blog to over 400,000 monthly readers and shares his knowledge and experience to help others start and scale their own successful blogs. The course consists of six lessons covering topics such as starting a blog, finding a profitable niche, developing a content strategy, driving traffic, monetization strategies, and executing a 90-day plan for blog growth.

The best part? This course is completely free! All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive daily emails with each lesson. The course is self-paced, allowing you to revisit the material whenever you need.

Why enroll in this course? Build a Blog in 7 Days is a comprehensive blogging course that is perfect for beginners. Ryan Robinson’s personal experience and expertise make this course a valuable resource for anyone looking to make money through blogging.

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6. Project 24 (Income School)

Income School Blogging Courses

If you’re looking for a content-rich program to learn about blogging, Project 24 by Income School is an excellent choice. Taught by experienced bloggers Jim and Ricky, this course provides a step-by-step process to avoid common mistakes and build a successful blog. With over 250 videos, 132 podcasts, and ongoing updates, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources.

Project 24 is priced at $449 for the first year, with an additional $249 per year for subsequent years. The course includes access to the members-only podcast and an active community where you can engage with fellow bloggers. The continuous updates and active instructor participation make Project 24 an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive blogging course.

Why enroll in this course? Project 24 offers a content-rich learning experience with a vibrant community. The extensive resources, including videos, podcasts, and lessons, provide valuable insights into the world of blogging. Jim and Ricky’s active involvement in the community ensures you receive guidance and support throughout your blogging journey.

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7. How to Start a Successful Blog (Hubspot)

Hubspot Academy Courses

Hubspot’s How to Start a Successful Blog course is perfect for those looking to build and manage a blog for their business. Taught by a group of digital marketing professionals with diverse backgrounds, this course covers all aspects of blogging to drive growth. The material is divided into three lessons with 18 videos, totaling two hours of content. The course also includes quizzes to assess your understanding.

The best part? This course is entirely free! Simply sign up for a free HubSpot Academy account to access the material. Hubspot’s reputation as a leader in marketing software and education ensures you receive practical insights from experienced professionals.

Why enroll in this course? Hubspot’s How to Start a Successful Blog course offers concise, practical guidance from industry experts. The course can be completed in a short amount of time, allowing you to quickly gain the knowledge needed to start your blog.

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8. Blogging for Business (Ahrefs)

Ahrefs Business Blogging Course

Blogging for Business is an online course offered by Ahrefs, a leading SEO software provider. This course consists of 10 tutorials, totaling five hours of content. The tutorials are in video format and cover topics such as the compound effect of content marketing, strategies for growing a blog, traffic analysis, content ideation, and optimizing content for target keywords.

The best part? This course is completely free, and no enrollment is required. You can begin learning by simply following the link. Ahrefs’ expertise in SEO and content marketing ensures you receive valuable insights into creating and growing a successful blog.

Why enroll in this course? Ahrefs’ Blogging for Business course provides practical guidance on content creation and SEO optimization. The course’s focus on keyword research and content optimization makes it an excellent choice for bloggers looking to drive organic traffic.

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9. Ignition (One Hour Professor)

OneHourProfessor Blogging Course

Ignition, the Start a Blog Course from One Hour Professor, is designed for beginners with zero blogging experience. Taught by Ron Stefanski, an experienced digital marketer, this course provides everything you need to build your first successful blog from scratch. Over a 10-day period, you’ll receive daily email lessons covering various aspects of blogging.

The best part? This course is free! Simply sign up to start receiving the lessons in your inbox. Ron’s personal experience and years of blogging knowledge will guide you through the process of starting your blog.

Why enroll in this course? Ignition is an excellent free blogging course that offers a great introduction to blogging for beginners. Ron’s personal experience and insights will help you avoid common mistakes and set you on the path to blogging success.

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10. Travel Blog Prosperity (Jessie on a Journey)

Online Blogging Course

Travel Blog Prosperity is an online blogging course focused on helping travel and lifestyle creators turn their blogs into profitable businesses. Taught by Jessie on a Journey, this membership-based course offers a wide range of benefits. Members gain access to monthly blogging courses, paid blogger opportunities, live coaching calls, bonus events with guest experts, exclusive discounts, and over $2200 in bonuses.

Membership costs $49 per month, with the first month available at a discounted rate of $9 using the promo code RELIABLESOFT. There is no minimum commitment, and you can cancel anytime. Travel Blog Prosperity covers various pillars of blogging, including mindset and productivity, blog setup and branding, traffic growth, community building, monetization, and scaling.

Why enroll in this course? Travel Blog Prosperity offers a comprehensive membership program for bloggers looking to turn their passion into a profitable business. The monthly courses, coaching calls, and community support provide valuable guidance and resources for travel and lifestyle creators.

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Who Should Follow a Blogging Course?

Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to enhance your blogging skills, taking a blogging course can be highly beneficial. Blogging courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start and grow a successful blog. They offer insights into various aspects of blogging, including content creation, SEO optimization, traffic generation, and monetization strategies.

If you’re a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals of blogging and avoid common pitfalls, enrolling in a blogging course is a great idea. These courses provide step-by-step guidance and help you build a strong foundation for your blog. Additionally, if you’re an experienced blogger looking to enhance your skills or explore new strategies, advanced blogging courses offer valuable insights and advanced techniques.

Why Are These The Best Online Blogging Courses? (Methodology)

The courses listed here have been carefully selected based on their quality, content, and the expertise of the instructors. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals has reviewed and evaluated each course to ensure they provide real value to their students.

These courses are taught by experienced bloggers who have gained knowledge and insights through their own successes and failures. They offer a variety of learning materials, including videos, tutorials, checklists, and resources. The courses are accessible online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

We have included a mix of free and paid courses to cater to different budgets and preferences. Each course has its own unique features and benefits, ensuring there is something for everyone.


Starting a blog can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it requires the right knowledge and skills to succeed. By enrolling in a blogging course, you can gain the necessary expertise and guidance to start and grow a successful blog. Whether you choose a free course or invest in a paid one, the knowledge and insights gained will help you on your blogging journey.

Remember, blogging is a continuous learning process. As you progress in your blogging career, consider exploring advanced courses and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Happy blogging!

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